About us

Jose L. Gomez Income Taxes has been in business and serving the Los Angeles community for 25 years specializing in personal income tax preparation. Our services also include real estate, tax consulting and notary public services. Jose L. Gomez Income Taxes is family-owned and operated and has a highly dedicated staff that provides exceptional service to every client who walks through our doors. Jose L. Gomez is a seasoned, trusted and experienced partner who can marshal the right resources as needed. Additionally, he will ensure that you have high-quality, experienced resources. In recent years, we have enhanced the team with the addition of highly experienced and knowledgeable associates Manuel Haro, Jerardo Martin, Melissa Gomez and Anna A. Gomez. Our deep knowledge and experience of income tax preparation and the related services, our enthusiasm and our commitment to our customers is just the start of what we offer.


As with all successful long-term relationships, we are continually looking for ways to increase your satisfaction with the services we provide. When you choose Jose L. Gomez Income Taxes as your tax preparation service provider, you’re getting a tax preparer that will stand with you and actively seek out your best interests, while helping you reduce your tax liabilities. We are mindful that cost is always a consideration, particularly in this difficult environment, and we are confident that you will receive tremendous value from the depth of assistance and quality of service and tax preparation knowledge we deliver for our competitive prices.


We have a strong desire to continue/begin a relationship with you and thank you for this opportunity to provide the tax preparation services we commit to deliver.